Top 3 Tech-Related Travel Questions (With Answers!)

Like many, I'm constantly connected to technology. And while it might be better for me to unplug when travelling, it just isn't always possible - how else do I stay up on the latest Twitter trends? So I thought it would be best to answer three tech-related travel questions people ask me.

Triposo & Here Maps

Ever get lost at home? Or need a quick update on some directions on where you're going? I've been there and I'm guessing you've probably done exactly what I do in that instance - I pull out my phone and do a quick Google Maps search. The problem is that when we're travelling, the potentially... Continue Reading →

So I Started a Travel Blog

Ever since I registered my first domain and started blogging, I've always been unable to conform to the idea that you must find your niche to be successful. ┬áSure I would occasionally stumble on to an idea I thought might work, but all-in-all it never matertialized to much. ┬áSo earlier this year I decided to... Continue Reading →

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