Camera51 for Better Travel Photos

While some of you are pros when it comes to taking pictures, the vast majority of us need a little help. Sure AUTO on most cameras can give us a nudge, there's nothing that mode does when it comes to photo composition - just ask my wife (don't tell her I just said that). And... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Tech-Related Travel Questions (With Answers!)

Like many, I'm constantly connected to technology. And while it might be better for me to unplug when travelling, it just isn't always possible - how else do I stay up on the latest Twitter trends? So I thought it would be best to answer three tech-related travel questions people ask me.

5 Tips for the Nervous Flyer

I make no secret my fear of heights. Acrophobia is what it's called. The higher I am, the more nervous and anxious I become. And if I can see how high in the sky I am, it gets pretty rough. So as you can imagine, flying from destination to destination is quite the trip for... Continue Reading →

Triposo & Here Maps

Ever get lost at home? Or need a quick update on some directions on where you're going? I've been there and I'm guessing you've probably done exactly what I do in that instance - I pull out my phone and do a quick Google Maps search. The problem is that when we're travelling, the potentially... Continue Reading →

Packing for Hawaii

For most, packing for a trip isn’t easy. You’re always looking for items you think you might need and then discovering you don’t have enough space to pack everything. Compounding this stress even further is the ever-reducing amount of luggage you can take on a plane that doesn’t cost you money – simply for checking... Continue Reading →

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