Camera51 for Better Travel Photos

While some of you are pros when it comes to taking pictures, the vast majority of us need a little help. Sure AUTO on most cameras can give us a nudge, there’s nothing that mode does when it comes to photo composition – just ask my wife (don’t tell her I just said that). And if you’re travelling light by taking your smart phone as the jack-of-all trades, this becomes even more difficult.

Enter Camera51.

A free app available for both Android & iOS devices, Camera51 helps you frame your picture so that you get the image you’re likely looking for and not the one you’re simply looking at. To do this, the app analyzes the photo and directs you to move your phone to a different position to get the “best” shot through automagic.

Camera51 is a unique and smart camera application. Camera51 automatically identifies people, scenes, lines, and objects that appear on the screen. After analyzing all the variables, Camera51 directs the photographer to the best photograph possible!

Have you used this app? Or do you plan to? Let me know in the comments!

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