Pacific Coastal Cruise on Royal Caribbean

Having caught the cruise bug, our next sail is a 7 Night Pacific Coastal Cruise on the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas in September.

Sailing out of Seattle on September 16, 2016, our boat will take us down to San Francisco (where we get to overnight) with a stop in Astoria and then back up to Seattle through Victoria.

Explorer of the Seas, Fremantle, 2015 (03)

With my parents in tow, we’re looking at this trip as being a chance to see more of the west coast, while still having the opportunity to kick back and chill for a week.

And in what I consider a highlight, we’ve also booked an Interior Stateroom with a Virtual Balcony

I know, I know… why not grab a balcony you might ask? Well this suite is considerably cheaper for one and two, on my last two trips I had a balcony and didn’t put it to a whole lot of use.

Anywho, here’s the itinerary for those curious:

Day 1 – Depart Seattle, WA

Our plan is to take the Amtrak Cascades train down from Vancouver the night before. While this won’t provide us much opportunity to see Seattle beforehand, the plan is to tour the city on our return leg.

Day 2 – Astoria, OR

Seen the movie Goonies? Short Circuit? Kindergarten Cop? Well, you’ve experienced a glimpse of Astoria. While we haven’t discussed plans quite yet, we’re thinking of keeping close to the ship and experiencing the pier-side activities the community puts on.

Day 3 – At Sea

Our first day to get some rest & relaxation in. Do we visit the spa? Just enjoy an activity or two?

Day 4 – San Francisco, WA

With so much to see and do in San Francisco, it’s pretty darn cool that we get two full days with the overnight here. If there’s one destination I want to visit, it is Alcatraz – but boy is that excursion pricey.

Day 5 – San Francisco, WA

Day two in San Francisco. I’m thinking what we don’t do on our first day, we do on our second one. And that might include a visit to Twitch HQ to allow my inner nerd loose.

Day 6 – At Sea

Maybe this will be the day I try out the on board ice rink. Yes, you read that right.

Day 7 – Victoria, BC

It will be a unique experience as a Canadian to have to declare our return to Canada before actually getting back home, but definitely looking forward to a visit to our provincial capital. And you all know I’m going to swing by Rogers’ Chocolate to grab an Empress Square.

Day 8 – Arrive Seattle, WA

And we’re back. With our plan to take the late train back to Vancouver, we’re likely going to book a city tour or something to pass the time. Any suggestions?

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