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Travel ain’t cheap. While I’m fully aware that there are ways to stretch the dollar, one of the key drivers of an expensive vacation is airfare. And in leaving from Canada, it can add up as we’ve got some solid taxation at work

Seeing an opportunity to generate business by providing people a way to crowdfund their next trip and lock up a passenger or two, Air Canada launched Embarq.

Air Canada 700-200LR
Courtesy of Eric Prado

What is Embarq you ask? Well this is what Air Canada has to say about it:

Travel inspires us, teaches us and links us to the people, places and things you would have never been able to experience otherwise. It’s the intangible, indefinable moments in travel – like the feeling you get when you conquer Machu Picchu, or ride your first wave on Australia’s East Coast or taste the flavours of Delhi – that make you realize how unbelievable the world is.

Sometimes, you just need a little help getting there.

Your World Awaits. Where will you go?
– Air Canada

Embarq, currently only available to residents of Canada according to the Air Canada website, works quite simply:

  1. Pick your destination.
  2. Set a fundraising target.
  3. Ask your friends, your family or complete strangers to help chip in.
  4. Acquire an Air Canada eGift and fly.

So who’s it for? Well everyone I guess.

From what I can gather, there’s quite a few people who saw this as an opportunity grab a few bucks towards the trip of a lifetime (or one of necessity). In fact, there are a metric tonne – possibly an exaggeration – of underfunded trips. What is interesting though are the number of partially & fully funded trips, so the idea is moving in the right direction for some.

Is it for me? I don’t know. I understand the need for people to use crowdfunding as a mechanism to pay for things that come up in life, but not sure this is a path I’d go down. Now does that mean I won’t? As above, I don’t know – the situation hasn’t yet presented itself yet.

But I’m curious, is it for you? And do you think this is just the fad of the moment? Or does it have staying power?

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