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Ever get lost at home? Or need a quick update on some directions on where you’re going? I’ve been there and I’m guessing you’ve probably done exactly what I do in that instance – I pull out my phone and do a quick Google Maps search.

Google Maps on Phone
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The problem is that when we’re travelling, the potentially prohibitive cost of data roaming has us avoiding our phone at all costs. Sure we could’ve picked up one of those roaming plans beforehand, yet that just means an added cost to our trip.

But what if there was another way? And one that cost nothing? I present to you Triposo & Here Maps.

Selling itself as your smart travel guide, Triposo allows you download a specific location guide that provides you with tips, reviews and basic maps to help you find your way around town. And while online, it also downloads weather & current events to give you a quick glance of what’s going on in relative real-time (assuming you’re finding WiFi). Having personally given it a spin locally here in Vancouver, the app does what it says it can do – assuming you’re going somewhere they’ve built a guide.

Yet if all you’re after are maps and a means to find your way from places A through Q, then you’ll likely want to give Here Maps a spin. Advertising that it has offline access to maps of 196 countries (which they claim over half are navigation grade), transit maps to more than 1000 cities and indoor maps to more than 90000 buildings (like seriously, maps inside a building!!), I can’t imagine it would take long to find yourself if lost. On a trip last year to England, I gave Here Maps a run for its money and found it more than capably handled the job getting from King’s Cross Station to the Maple Leaf Pub.

Both apps are available on iOS and Android devices, so feel free to grab whichever (or both) that suit your fancy.

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