So I Started a Travel Blog

Ever since I registered my first domain and started blogging, I’ve always been unable to conform to the idea that you must find your niche to be successful.  Sure I would occasionally stumble on to an idea I thought might work, but all-in-all it never matertialized to much.  So earlier this year I decided to remain committed to randomness over at Left Coast By Design and that was that.

So why Topher Travels if random is my jam?


It’s actually quite simple.  When I discovered earlier in 2015 that my employment situation had changed, I decided I’d spend some of my vacation… err.. funemployment travelling.  I went on a cruise.  I went to Toronto.  I went to England.  I went to Okotoks!  For a guy who thought travel was equivalent to driving out to the suburbs, I’d picked up this bug and discovered a passion I wasn’t aware I had.

Yet, you could say all that isn’t reason enough to start blogging about my exploits and you’d likely be right.

So again, why Topher Travels?

With this newly discovered, or rediscovered (something I’ll blog about at a later date), passion to travel I am left thinking back to my first interational journey when I went to France in my teens and how I couldn’t remember all the castles and churches, museums and galleries I visited.  All of it is a vague memory blurred more than the vision of a drunk sophmore.

So this blog will really be a log of my journies for my own recollection.  Something for me to turn to years from now to reminisce.  And hopefully it wil be more than that.  I’ll share tips and tricks I learn as a novice traveller so you don’t make the same mistakes I do.  Or maybe so you CAN make the same mistakes.

Whatever your jam happens to be!

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    1. Seemed better than “Chris Travels” to be honest! A few of my friends started to call me Topher a couple years back and the nickname has somewhat stuck, so I figured I’d play off that.

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