Radiance of the Seas Live Blog – Day Three – Sea Day

Having spent the first couple days getting accustomed to the ship, we collectively decided that today was to be a rest day. As if life on a cruise ship wasn’t designed around rest in the first place.

First there was “pre-breakfast” out on the balcony followed by a more filling breakfast in the Windjammer Cafe. While it did seem busier than Day Two, it has become apparent to me that some people have some unrealistic expectations while aboard. While I’m a man who understands what well prepared eggs mean to the definition of quality with breakfast, watching a woman berate one of the restaurant staff over poached eggs that were too hard was something else. She stated she didn’t pay thousands of dollars to have substandard food and demanded to speak to a manager. Over eggs! Bizarre.

Once we had overeaten, it was decided that we’d spend some money in the casino earning “double points.” In an effort to generate donations to the cause of the company, the Casino Royale on board the Radiance of the Seas offers double reward points on slot machines between 9am & 11am. Being a man who enjoys these expensive adult themed video games, I popped in $40 and wasted a solid hour pressing a button to see flashing lights and high-pitched dings. Yes, I should’ve left when I was $30 up, but I’ve never been that smart – plus I intended on getting as many of those points possible!

I have to say that I’m disappointed in the quality of the slot machines on this ship. While they constantly advertise “state of art, Vegas-style” slot machines on Royal Caribbean TV (the onboard TV channel), the machines in Casino Royale are old, antiquated, and simply not that much fun.

And then there’s the fact that half the casino is designated a smoking section. As a non-smoker, I can’t tolerate smoke very well and don’t understand how not being able to smoke in half the casino makes sense – I’m still required to inhale secondhand smoke if I come inside. Just boggles my mind.

With our dinner booked for Chops Grille later in the day, we found ourselves heading back to the Windjammer a little early for lunch. In fact, it seemed as if EVERYONE had intended on doing just the same. So while we were busy looking for a seat, we discovered what has to be some of the best seating outside Izumi and Rita’s Crab Shack (both speciality dining restaurants) on the stern of the boat – a sheltered and covered patio where one could kick back and enjoy the view. If anyone ever needs a quiet place with a view to eat some chow, the stern patio area is where it’s at.

Chops Grille - Radiance of the Seas
Chops Grille on the Radiance of the Seas

So what about Chops Grille, you ask? Well, if I were to use one word to describe our experience – lacklustre. In fact, if I were to use a second word it would be disappointing. Our medium cooked steaks all came out well done, the shared sides meant my mother & wife either chose to get less (couldn’t eat mushrooms) or our party had to get three different types of potatoes, and frankly the meal was nowhere near as good as we were getting in the dining room. I’ll have a post up shortly going into further detail.

With the evening showtimes now at 630pm & 830pm, my parents decided to retire early leaving my wife and I to attend the headliner, Patrick McMahon. Talk about an entertaining dude! While some might say he’s a hyperactive Australian with a touch of crazy (he also talks a mile a minute), he had the audience engaged throughout his entire set and even got himself an encore. Covering the music of Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and more, Patrick not only sounds just like the artists he covers, but tells a story throughout his performance. And boy is the guy funny – my wife hasn’t laughed that hard in ages!

Oh if only every day was that entertaining.

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