Camera51 for Better Travel Photos

While some of you are pros when it comes to taking pictures, the vast majority of us need a little help. Sure AUTO on most cameras can give us a nudge, there's nothing that mode does when it comes to photo composition - just ask my wife (don't tell her I just said that). And... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Tech-Related Travel Questions (With Answers!)

Like many, I'm constantly connected to technology. And while it might be better for me to unplug when travelling, it just isn't always possible - how else do I stay up on the latest Twitter trends? So I thought it would be best to answer three tech-related travel questions people ask me.

Vancouver Cruise Ship Season in 2017

According to Port Vancouver, in the past 30 years over 17.5 MILLION passengers have embarked and disembarked at the Canada Place cruise ship terminal. Just last year alone 228 cruise ships and 826820 passengers came through Vancouver, a modest 3% increase from 2015! And while some look to the cherry blossoms as the first sign... Continue Reading →

Secrets of the Northwest Territories

When you think travel, what destination is the top of mind? I'm going to guess, but it probably wasn't the Northwest Territories. In celebration of Canada's 150th and to help reveal more of the Northwest Territories, NWT Tourism is giving away 150 round-trip tickets on Air Canada to Yellowknife (departing from any of Halifax, Ottawa,... Continue Reading →

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